Low-Cost Vaccinations

Española Valley Humane provides low cost vaccinations every Tuesday from 9:00am to 1:00pm. Walk-ins are welcome.  Please call 505 753-0228.

  • $12 for each vaccination if your pet is fixed
  • $30 for each vaccination for unaltered pets with a breeders permit

Low-Cost Compassionate Euthanasia

When the difficult decision is made to end an animal’s life, we believe that compassionate euthanasia by injection is the most humane and dignified method. Veterinary technicians certified in euthanasia perform each procedure. We ask for a $35 donation for this service, but will not turn a pet owner away based on their ability to pay.

For more information or to schedule this service, please call 505-753-8662 to discuss your needs.

Dog Heartworm Tests & Treatment

Heartworm prevention, given monthly, is much safer and more affordable than treating dogs with heartworm infections. We offer heartworm testing and preventative medication. If you adopt a puppy or dog from EVHS, you can purchase a 6-month supply of heartworm prevention at the time of adoption or within 30 days of adoption.

  • $25 for a heartworm test per dog
  • Prevention treatment ranges from $25 to $35 per dog

Heartworm disease is carried by a mosquito that bites your dog and deposits microscopic larvae into the dog’s bloodstream. Even longhaired and indoor dogs can be bitten by mosquitos. Adult heartworms are spaghetti-sized, grow 10 to 12 inches in length, and live right inside your dog’s heart and pulmonary (lung) arteries. Untreated heartworms will lead to heart failure and death.

Signs of Heartworm

Heartworm damage occurs long before you notice any symptoms. In advanced stages, heartworms cause coughing, a reluctance to exercise, fatigue, decreased appetite, and weight loss.

Who Should Be Tested?

All dogs more than six months of age should be tested for heartworms before starting a preventive program. Puppies can start treatment as young as four months of age without being tested. A simple blood test can check your dog for heartworms. Dogs who are positive can be treated with special medication to kill the worms. However treatment is expensive and can require hospitalization.

If you adopt a puppy or dog from EVHS, you can purchase a 6-month supply of heartworm prevention at the time of adoption or within 30 days of adoption.

Schedule an appointment to test your dog by calling 505.753.0228 or email us here.

Prevention is easy. It’s a flavored pill given once a month for the life of the dog. The medication only eliminates infections acquired since the last dose so it only protects the dog from heartworm infection for one month. Remember that prevention given each month is much more safe and affordable than treating dogs with heartworm infections.


Our Events

  • Volunteer Training!

    Join the team of compassionate individuals who donate time, joy and so much more to the homeless pet...

    June 24 @ 11:00 am - 11:30 am
  • Vaccine Clinic

    Vaccines for dogs and cats available.  $12 each if the pet is spayed or neutered, $30 each for pets...

    June 27 @ 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

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